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      Corporate culture
      · Our Enterprise vision: Rural financial leader
      · Our Enterprise mission:   Inclusive finance  responsible bank
      · Our core values:   Honesty and dedication  sharing and growth
      · Our Enterprise spirit:   reflective optimism  Courageous innovation
      · Our management idea:  Focus on small and medium  Flexible and efficient
      · Our Development concept:  Dare to explore  Steady development
      · Our management philosophy:  Compliance responsibility and keep improving
      · Our Talent concept: all rivers run into sea   Employee first
      · Our service notion:  mind the people's livelihood  customer’s first choice
      Contact us
      • Address: No. 58 Xinshiji Dadao, Changshu, JiangSu, China
      • Zip code: 215500
      • Telephone: 0512-962000 / 4009 962000
      • Fax: 0512-52962000
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